WCFCU Emergencies and Weather Closings

How snow and blizzards closings will be handled

WE WILL ALWAYS BE CLOSED AT LEVEL 2 OR 3 weather emergency.

1) Closing early.. .
will be determined by the weather forecast and what’s actually happening. We will give the radio station at least a two-hour notice. If we decide to close at 3:00…we will notify the radio at 1:00.  The exception would be a fast-moving, sudden and severe storm. We will change the telephone message, and put a sign on the door and in the drive-thru.

2) Completely closing…will be determined after an attempt is made to get to the office. This decision should be made jointly with the board president. An exception to this will be if conditions have deteriorated from the previous day, and we were closed.

An attempt should be made to notify the radio station, and change the message on the phone. If possible, put a sign on the door.

3) Opening late…if able to make it to the office, but due to a limited staff or other conditions, a decision could be made for a delay. A door sign and telephone message should be sufficient.


We, at Wayne County Federal Credit Union, have made a commitment to ensure financial services are made available to our members, no matter what circumstances may prevail. In light of that commitment, we are providing the following information that will be useful anytime and invaluable during any type of emergency.

Our Perfect Teller Home Banking program is internet-based, so if our Internet website is operable, you can access your account electronically 24 hours a day.

You can withdraw up to $200 cash per day at any ATM machine, as long as your AVAILABLE balance is higher. Even if ATM communication lines are down, you could possibly withdraw at least $50 per day, as long as that has been the average balance in your account for 30 days.

If at all possible, we will provide a minimum of drive-thru service, as long as our employees are able to legally travel to work.

We will contact the local media to have our status announced and posted in the event that the office would need to be closed during regular business hours.

We will also put an emergency number on our telephone answering system that will be made available to answer any and all questions.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to call our office (765-962-7113) with any and all questions and concerns.

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