3 easy steps

to start doing financial business at WCFCU

  • <span> 01. </span> Stop by the Credit Union
    01. Stop by the Credit Union
    You're in luck! Membership is open to anyone who lives, worships, works, or regularly conducts business in Wayne County. Contact us about eligibility for membership at Wayne County Federal Credit Union.
  • <span> 02. </span> Open an Account
    02. Open an Account
    It's quick and easy to get started! Present your 2 forms of photo id and we can start the process of opening a checking or savings account for you. Once you are a member, low loan rates and ATM use will be available to you.
  • 03. Be Happy!
    You'll have our friendly staff ready to assist you whether you wish to directly deposit your paycheck, apply for a loan, open a savings account or have the easy of using our network of Credit Unions all over the county.
Since 1961

Wayne County Residents

Wayne County Federal Credit Union serves the community’s educators and their families since 1961. We changed our Name and Charter in November of 2012 to Wayne County Federal Credit Union, to serve all of Wayne County. We continually add new requested services to better meet the needs of our members.

Wayne County Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union serving Wayne County and their families.

An important element of our credit union is the ownership and operation by our members. We believe our members have both the right and responsibility to be active in credit union issues.

One of the ways members can participate is through volunteering service on our board of directors. We have an active and involved board.

  • Federal Chartered
  • Member Owned
  • Easy to use
  • Great Rates on Loans

Special Member Services

  • Money Orders–$1.50
  • Free Notary Service
  • Free Fax
  • Direct Deposit
  • Drive-thru –Saturday hours/Night Depository
  • Payroll Deduction
Our Credit Union several photos

Meet Our Staff

Kim Wright

Loan Processor
Jeanne / ext. 111

Social Media/Marketing Coordinator
Sara Napoleon / ext. 116

Meet Our Board of Directors

Nelson Bingham

Chris Buchholz

Sue Auman

Kim Wright

Board Members
Chris Dunham
Diana Reed
Derek Parker
April Redmond


Executive Committee
Nelson Bingham
Sue Auman

Marketing Committee
Sue Auman
Kim Wright
Sara Napoleon

Policy / Administration Committee
Kim Wright

Supervisory Committee
Chris Dunham
Aleasia Stewart
Diana Reed

Nominating Committee
Karen Dunham





Savings and Checking Accounts

Start with as little as a $5.00 deposit.

Checking Accounts

  • Federally insured
  • Takes 30 minutes to open an account
  • Free Debit Card
  • No maintenance fees
  • Direct Deposit

Savings Accounts

  • Federally insured
  • Takes $5 to open
  • Special Savings
  • Vacation Savings
  • Christmas Savings
  • Gives access to loans, credit cards, and other incentives

ATM Nationwide

Use either of these websites to access a listing of ATMs around the country.  

  • Alliance One, a nationwide group of select-surcharge ATMs, gives you the power to access your money on your own terms.
  • Co-op offers a vast list of ATMs and Credit Unions in North America.

Debit Card Alerts

Help keep your account secure by signing up for preferences. To sign up or manage your preference settings, click here for our free management service.

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